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What Are 3 Ways to Get Your Art on Our Skateboard Decks

1. Social Media

You can reach out to us on our social media platforms by stating your interest in working with us and supplying us with samples of your artwork

2. Email

Similar to the first way, if you contact us through our email with samples of your work we will review your submission and get back to you as soon as possible

3. Mythic Skateboard

As a company we will be looking for you, we will be on the lookout for amazing artists that we would like to work with. If we like your work we will contact you and express our interest and see if you would want to work with us.

No matter what kind of art you do, we will still be interested in seeing your work. we also have no problem with working with people that live in another country.


My Top 5 Skateboard brands

Best Skateboard companies

  1. Spitfire

when it comes to wheels spitfire is the go-to brand, with quality and visually appealing wheels. Their wheels can slide when you need them to and can grip as well. they may not be the fastest wheel but they are definitely the best all-around wheel.

2. Bones

if you are looking for bearing Bones reds are probably the best around, these bearings use high-quality steel and have a great finish the making them top quality for skateboard bearings.

3. Santa Cruz

Not only are when of the oldest skateboard brands around but they have great designs, good quality boards, and protective layers to seal in the design to prevent it from scraping off. These boards are also very good for sliding due to their protected layer.

4. Primitive

This is still a very young brand but still a good one nonetheless, they have a good team and have good collaborations with other brands. most of their collaboration are pop culture like Rick and Morty and Dragon Ball. The same can be said for their appeal which is just as popular as their boards.

5. Mythic Skateboard

We are still very new but we focus on high-quality products and great deck designs. will give the local and upcoming artists their time to shine by working with them on deck designs. since we are family run we are a very human company and want to build a community and a great relationship with our consumers